It’s kind of funny. Since starting this blog I’ve found myself, inadvertently, trying to make cohesive sense of the vast amount of stuff that I want to document. For example, should I start from the oldest material and work forward? Should I focus on one band at a time and exhaust that arena first. Honestly, I don’t think any of the organizational structures I’ve pondered could possibly work out so I’ve accepted that this blog will be, at best, scatter shot.

Thus, if I’ve accepted randomness for this blog, it could only make sense to pick another band I was in and, rather than start from the beginning, start at the end.

Around 1999, Franklin was breaking up. We had spent a ridiculous amount of time on what would be our final album, the self-titled Franklin LP,  and by the completion of that record, we all sort of felt that we had done all that we could as a band, creatively. However, during the slow down of Franklin, I had started recording songs at home with a very basic, Tascam 4-track cassette recorder that I had borrowed from Atom. The 4-track was damaged so it was actually a 3-track, but some tracks were better than no tracks.

I spent months recording little tunes at home and I’ve recently unearthed them and started encoding them for inclusion here. Many of those early 3-track recordings ended up as fully realized AM/FM songs so it is pretty fun to go back and hear how they started. Anywhoo…AM/FM was really never meant to be an actual band. But eventually, it did turn into a full time band. We recorded a couple LP’s an EP and did some touring. More on those stories in the future. For now, let’s get back to the song I’m posting today.

In 2003, AM/FM set out to record a new album. We had 8 songs written, but it became apparent that the songs had seemed to cut themselves in half. On one side, the more organic, natural sounding songs. On the other, the more electric, effected sounding songs. So we thought, why not release two EP’s instead? The first of these EP’s was The Sky Is The New Ground EP. It was released on Polyvinyl in 2003. Sadly, the second EP, to be called, “Our Day” was never released as we sort of stopped playing somewhere after the release of The Sky Is The New Ground.

Up until recently, I only had a final mix of one of the songs that would make up the “Our Day” EP. However, thanks to our friend Alice, we’ve found two more of them. I’m pretty excited to offer these songs here, free of charge for anyone willing to listen. This is the first track from the EP, “Our Morning”.

Our Morning