Thanks to Atom and his summer break from teaching for unearthing this long thought lost gem!

True High Fidelity, when originally formed, featured Mark Scott of Fracture on singing duties. It was short lived, but this iteration of the gang recorded a demo. At the time, sadly, I recall people thought Mark’s singing sounded odd which is odd in itself because, listening now, it sounds pretty fucking righteous. I had believed there were three songs recorded for this demo, but Atom only came across two. Two is of course better than none.

I shot Mark an email to fill in some of the details and here’s what he had to say:

“Following the first Fracture and Franklin tour of 94, I’d become acquainted with the boys of True High Fidelity. Liked them all. Dave and Josh were hilarious. Chris was charmingly psychotic. Tim was the world’s nicest guy. When they asked if I’d like to sing with them, I was a) honored, b) excited to work with new personalities, c) excited to sing, and d) excited to work on music that was stylistically very different from that of the other band I was in and loved. We got along famously for a while, and in December of 1994, sojourned to Baltimore to record three songs at Social Services with the great Tony French. As happened with Chris O’Neil during the recording of the Fracture LP, I lost my voice from a combination of too many cigarettes in the freezing cold and too much barking into a microphone. We scrapped my vocals, and I resolved to record them back home at Chill Factor. My vocals were recorded by Eric Horwitz.

Shortly after the recording, I was dismissed from the band. With the benefit of hindsight, I think there were two factors. For one, I’d gone batshit crazy. For the other, the boys were moving away from their DC influences and gravitating (pun intended) towards the San Diego destructo sound, and were eager to scream and be crazy. In all honesty, they were much better at this than I was, and I think I enjoyed watching them after my exit as much as I enjoyed performing with them. I did, however, miss it.

My final show with True High Fidelity was on my birthday, March 2, 1995, opening for our heroes Trenchmouth at Haverford University. I drank two 40’s and smoked a joint with Staley in the van just prior to our performance. I was most likely horrible, and hope no video exists, but I did enjoy it. I do think back on my time with those guys fondly. (Ed. note – I forgot all about this! I think Mark spent a good 40 minutes passed out in his mother’s mini-van from being too mucked up!)

Thanks Mark! Enjoy!

True Hi Fi – Mark 1

True Hi Fi – Mark 2


Thanks to the unholy passion that is the internet, Haim found this here blog and dropped me a line awhile back. It took some down time from posting stuff here because, well, things got busy.

But I thought friends who read this blog from time to time might get a kick out of knowing that Haim is well and good and looking almost exactly the same as he did back in High School.

Hi Haim!