As I mentioned last week, Fracture reunited on Friday, July 18 to play a show at the Ruba club in Philadelphia. While tons of photos will be coming and additional video, I wanted to get these up. They were shot by Chris Zang. Thanks Chris.

The show was amazing.


In the movie Stand By Me, the narrator (played by Richard Dreyfus) comments (and I’m paraphrasing) that he never had better friends than when he was 12. And while yes, I would be willing to agree with that assessment on some levels I would add that personally, I have a similar affection for the people I surrounded myself with at age 21.

It’s easy to feel that way about the relationships that were forged during intense periods of development in our lives. During those periods each conversation seems to be some unique discovery. Each feeling and word, each shared moment seems to have a weight to it that cannot possibly be described. We’re bad-ass, invulnerable, unstoppable and undeterred. It’s impossible to even consider that those friendships may change over time. Someone might move away while another may meet a new group of friends. Some differences that seemed negligible might become insurmountable. Responsibilities, priorities and goals all establish a new order in your daily life. Over time, the routines you knew fade and new ones emerge and eventually, those relationships that completely defined you become old books on your shelf that serve as a reminder of the experiences that got you to where you are today.

Luckily for me, I still know many of the people that I consider to be so very important in my early development. Many of those friendships continue to evolve to this day building upon (in some cases) 30+ years of shared experience and friendship. So I could, let’s say, with but an email, contact all of them and ask if they would reunite their band Fracture for one night to play at my 40th birthday party.

Even luckier for me is that each of them would consider me someone worth doing that for and each of their relationships (strained by time, distance or life in general) would consider each other worth it as well.

So yeah, Fracture is reuniting and playing for the first time in almost 20 years this Friday, July 18th. It’s going to fucking rool. Check out the photo above to see the guys practicing! Atom snapped it last week.

Here’s the flier! And fear not, if you can’t make it, photos, videos, etc will be available soon.

40 Years