Sometime in the summer of 2003, about 4 years after Franklin broke up, something brought the four of us together again to practice. While I don’t recall what the impetus was for anyone else, for me, I know that it had to do with really wanting to play democratically once again.

You see, after Franklin, I did a thing called AM/FM with my good friend Mike. And while we both had creative input in that band, it was certainly my responsibility to write the core structure of most of the songs.

At first, that was really liberating, not being in a band where all members had equal voice in how a song should sound. But after a few years of being the sole person responsible for writing, I definitely started to feel a strain on what I could do on my own. I missed that creative spark that occurs only when a group of people inspire each other to create.

So Franklin started practicing again. It was casual. No specific plans were made. It was just to enjoy the process once more or, at least see if we could enjoy the process once more. If anything came of it, so be it.

During this time, a friend was working on a compilation of Philadelphia bands that were around at the time. He kindly asked to include us on the release and with that, we recorded one of the songs we were working on. I believe we might have written a small handful of new songs but this was the only one to ever be recorded.