Ever gotten ahead of yourself?

I realized this afternoon that I had uploaded many, many images and photos that I have yet to post here on the GoKidGo blog. Thus, it’s already time for some housecleaning. Meaning, before I add anymore files to our server, I am promising to clean out the backlog. The positive of that being more posts at a quicker clip.

The negative? Well, I’m not sure there is but I’ll keep thinking.

Today, we’ve got several photos that were sent to me a while back. While I don’t have any real stories to accompany these photos, I hope they kick start something from your own memory if you were there.

Most of these photos were taken during matinee shows at JC Dobbs on South Street. I’ve talked ad nauseum about JC Dobbs and how important that space was for putting on shows and seeing shows in the early 90’s but it really can’t be stressed enough. The photo above is actually Chumbawamba playing Dobbs on the Shhh! tour. Fracture opened up the show.

Here’s a somewhat random photo of Dan Goldberg (who had played with Vile, Up In Arms and Public Descent playing guitar with a later band of his. Unfortunately, I’m not positive which band this might be.

I have absolutely NO idea who this is. However, I wanted to post it because it’s just fun looking at old photos from Dobbs. For all I know, this could be Nirvana. It isn’t of course, but that’s how little I know about this photo.

This might be my favorite photos of all time. It features Atom with Rob who played drums for Fracture, Barry and Matt. I believe the name of this band was Pleasant Greene but again, I have no idea. I just like that everyone looks confused.

Finally, here’s a photo of the 2.5 Children playing at JC Dobbs. Again, sadly, I don’t know much about this photo or the band in general but maybe you do!


I guess they say that pictures often speak for themselves. I’m not sure if that’s true when it comes to old photos of teenage kids in a very specific period of their lives but I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a whirl.

With that being said, this post is filled with photos. Lots and lots of photos. They don’t have a direct correlation to one another and in many instances, they fall out of chronological order. For folks reading this blog, those who weren’t there when these pictures were taken, they might serve as nothing more than reminders of your own youth, discovering music, friendship and the little joys you reflect back upon with fondness. I can say that each of these photos stirs something entirely different in me. While nostalgia can be a deadly thing, it’s a wonderful place to visit from time to time.

More to come for sure! Thanks to Jeff Vaders for scanning and sending these along!


Another submission from Jeff Vaders. This time it’s the Public Descent Communion 7″. Sadly, I don’t have many memories of this 7″ or the story behind it. At the time, it seemed as tho there was a splitting of ideas within the very small music community that had stemmed from our small group of friends. I suppose it’s logical when you are talking about a group of high school kids, but looking back, it was almost certainly silly. I believe it had something to do with the “record label” we were operating at the time, Elbohead. Clearly, we didn’t know what we were doing, but that didn’t mean everyone with a band didn’t want to, or didn’t think they deserved to put out a 7″ on the label. It definitely caused a lot of disagreements, that’s for sure and even if the details are spotty some 20 years on, it’s a shame nonetheless. Fortunately, Jeff added some comments about this 7″ when he sent in files so I’ll let Jeff add his thoughts:

“Not sure what happened. All i know is that Dan, Jeremy, Fernando and I had this band Public Descent that formed out of Up In Arms breaking up (and that is kind of foggy) — it would be sweet to have a flow chart of Oreland punk bands.”

“Anyway…foggy memories again, not sure who the contact was or how we got there…but someone made contact with the dudes at Rubber Groove studios “The Dump”…don’t know if they were advertising cheap recording or what not, but we wound up there and that was when you didn’t want to go to East Falls. It’s different now, as i understand.”

“Not sure how long we spent recording. Although I don’t think it was that long, that’s how we recorded back then, just laid down the tracks.”

“I do remember, that one of the techs had this idea about putting Dan’s Guitar amp in the bathroom and he put the microphone in the toilet and said, “this will sound great’.”

“Dan’s dad did a lot to help us out by photocopying the pages at work, inserts and covers and i recall that when we got the pressing back (300 copies pressed) i was more than elated to put our music onto the turntable.”

01 Minds

02 Wrapped Up

03 Confused

04 New Religion


Sometimes, it’s really difficult to remember the twists and turns of history. Now, try to remember the twists and turns of history of a band that you weren’t even in and it becomes REALLY difficult.

Today’s post is all about a band called Public Descent. When I first started asking for contributions to be included on this blog, Jeff Vaders (a fella a lot of us grew up with) was one of the first individuals to contact me. He sent me random recordings that he had and several of them are already up on the previous posts. Jeff had been in Fracture at the very beginning of the band but shortly left and started Public Descent. A very different kind of band.

We’ll have more details about that sorted affair in the future, but for now, let’s just listen to this recording. Atom sent this MP3 to me this morning proclaiming it as one of his favorite Public Descent songs. It originally appeared on a 7″ compilation. Sorry, I don’t have the cover. Maybe someone can scan it in for me and send it over.

As far as we can tell, this recording is Dan Goldberg on guitar and vocals, Fernando Polanco on drums, Jeff Vaders on bass and back up vocals and Jeremy Rocket on guitar.