An old friend messaged me today asking if I remembered the date of the last Franklin show. I immediately responded, “1999” because while I did not remember the specific month or day, I absolutely swore I knew the year.

Franklin broke up in 1999 after playing two final shows in Philadelphia. The first final show was an all ages show with Unwound and Atom and His Package. Our second final show was a blow-out at the Khyber where we tried to play every song we ever wrote. When I asked him why he was curious about the dates he responded with a wonderful surprise – he had digitized a video he made of that final show.

This friend spent his own valuable time encoding this video to share it with whomever was interested. Amazing.

Thank you Joe Coyle. Oh, and those final shows? They were played in 2000 not 1999. It seems the details of even the most cherished memories get fuzzy over time.