Easily one of my favorite photos in my collection, this snap was taken after the three week tour Franklin and Fracture undertook in August of 1994. Our very first. We had just played our final show of the trip in a garage in Virginia Beach and before packing the vehicles to head home, we stopped to grab this shot.

Featuring everyone on the trip save for Chris who was being grouchy (including Rod and the guys from True High Fidelity) it’s one of those great moments that you’re just as happy to have captured at age 20 as age 38 and beyond.

Starting from the lower left hand corner, we’ve got:



Atom working harder than the rest of Fracture.

Franklin playing in Denver. We snuck on this show thanks to Sonny from Angel Hair’s kindness.

That’s me, getting ready to snap some pictures so I can document what we’re doing and then post them to the internet almost 20 years later.

When no one shows up to a show in Indianapolis, you hang out and jam in the show space. Two drummers. Kill the drummers!

Ralph in the great salt flats. This was in the middle of the night as we made our way to San Francisco.

Jeb being stalked by Atom. Somewhere in America.

Mark looking stoned holding a cat. He probably was stoned and I’m not positive that’s a cat.

Ralph, Jeb, Mark and I sitting on the steps of Karin Gembus’ house in San Francisco.

Jeb’s impressively sweaty pits.


Atom, a hidden Roy and Jesse in Olney, Ill.

Greg, Chris and Atom out front of the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, Il.

Greg, Amy, Jeb, Jesse, Mark and Chris on steps in Detroit, MI. After the show, we met a fella who wandered out of the dark with a pretty serious head wound. Roy would refuse to allow us to call the police to aid him and so we spent a good 30 to 40 minutes driving him around in our van trying to find his home. The head wound did not help him, nor us, find his home. Ultimately, we left him on a corner.

Lil’ boy Roy peeking over the loft in the Franklin van. This was in one of the Carolina’s.

Atom on the street in San Francisco, CA.

Chris, Jeb and Jesse in Santa Barbara, CA.

A cadaverous looking me on the banks of the Mississippi.

Chris, Jeb and Jesse refuel at a gas station.

Jeb and Jesse eating lunch loitering outside a grocery store.

Fracture would end up taking Mark’s Mom’s minivan as their tour vehicle on this first trip across country. Two folks would sit up front, while the rest of the band (3 people in all) would lay down in the back on a folded out futon couch laying in a space no higher than 24 inches, quite literally, on top of the band’s equipment. Very safe and very claustrophobic. Clearly in this photo, someone needed something out of the carry all! That’s Ralph to the left, Greg on the roof and Roy sitting.

Ralph laying in the loft with Roy and Amy stretched out in the Franklin rolling living room that was The Nomad.

Greg somewhere in Wyoming.

Ralph and Canadians in Ottawa Ontario. 5 Arlington House.

Roy driving and me, pondering the road.


I saw Atom the other day and he nagged me about not having encoded more video after the purchase of my handy Elgato video converter. Thus, I went home immediately and started encoding. Atom’s nagging is legendary.

He passed me a few videos and one of them was a show recorded at Saint Genevieve’s Parish in the summer of 1994. St. Gen’s was (and still is) a Catholic school and thus, not the most logical location for a show. However, considering most of the bands who wound up playing St. Gen’s rec center were straight edge hardcore bands, I imagine it was one of the better uses of the center.

I can only remember going to two shows at the center. One when Franklin played along with Fracture and Frail and the show filmed here. Perhaps these two shows were one in the same? Who can really remember.

Sadly this video only captures a few moments of Fracture (with cameos by Dave, Tim, Carly and myself) but it does offer a captivating glimpse at the pokemon like cuteness of Danny O’Neill, bass player for Disregard. You could pinch him! I have no idea who filmed this.

Two interesting side notes:

1. These days, my nephew attends Saint Genevieve’s.
2. This video was recorded on my wife’s 15th birthday, 8/27/1994.

In this shitty, shitty quality video the boys hammer thru Anton’s Syndrome and Thresholds to Adult Living.

“Symbolic knife in my heart and my head, one false move and I’m symbolically dead…”


Ever gotten ahead of yourself?

I realized this afternoon that I had uploaded many, many images and photos that I have yet to post here on the GoKidGo blog. Thus, it’s already time for some housecleaning. Meaning, before I add anymore files to our server, I am promising to clean out the backlog. The positive of that being more posts at a quicker clip.

The negative? Well, I’m not sure there is but I’ll keep thinking.

Today, we’ve got several photos that were sent to me a while back. While I don’t have any real stories to accompany these photos, I hope they kick start something from your own memory if you were there.

Most of these photos were taken during matinee shows at JC Dobbs on South Street. I’ve talked ad nauseum about JC Dobbs and how important that space was for putting on shows and seeing shows in the early 90′s but it really can’t be stressed enough. The photo above is actually Chumbawamba playing Dobbs on the Shhh! tour. Fracture opened up the show.

Here’s a somewhat random photo of Dan Goldberg (who had played with Vile, Up In Arms and Public Descent playing guitar with a later band of his. Unfortunately, I’m not positive which band this might be.

I have absolutely NO idea who this is. However, I wanted to post it because it’s just fun looking at old photos from Dobbs. For all I know, this could be Nirvana. It isn’t of course, but that’s how little I know about this photo.

This might be my favorite photos of all time. It features Atom with Rob who played drums for Fracture, Barry and Matt. I believe the name of this band was Pleasant Greene but again, I have no idea. I just like that everyone looks confused.

Finally, here’s a photo of the 2.5 Children playing at JC Dobbs. Again, sadly, I don’t know much about this photo or the band in general but maybe you do!