One of the unfortunate things that I have not been able to settle on is the correct spelling of, “flier”. Or is it “flyer”? I refuse to look it up because it seems like something I should know but alas, I do not.

Anywhoo, just a quick find here today.

Tim linked me via. “the Facebook” to this flier posted on this fellas page.

I can’t recall a thing about this show but please make note the polite comment on the bottom of the flier/flyer.

“Please bring some money for the touring bands.” Ah, the 90’s.


Here’s a total surprise.

I’m not sure why, but for one or two shows, Franklin and Fracture thought it would be productive and valuable to furthering our agenda to create, print and distribute propaganda fliers at our shows. Each band created double-sided hand-outs that seemed to introduce folks to our methodology.

Not surprising, Fracture’s is more adorable and and Franklin’s is more ridiculous. The art on the Fracture flier was done by Mark Scott and the writing on the Franklin insert was done by Greg Giuliano.

P.S – This might be the only time !Franklin went on record as describing where our band name came from.

P.S.S. – I have a feeling revisiting this Fracture insert will inspire Jeb for some additional commenting.


Dug up some oldies…this flyer was for a show at the thunderous 508 House in Tom’s River, NJ. This was the final show of the Fracture/Franklin summer tour of 1995. That’s actually a picture of me singing for Astir-Few on the flyer.

These two photos of Franklin playing a Cabbage Collective Show at the church at 48th & Baltimore appeared in a zine that I no longer have. Looks like I just kept the photos. The ego, I tell ya.

From what I can recall, these photos were taken from a show we played with Hoover and Hose.Got.Cable but I can’t be sure.

These two photos were taken in a basement outside of Baltimore, MD. in the fall of 1996. Franklin went on a 2 month US tour taking Atom and Schumow with us. Fracture had disbanded, so Atom had been spending time learning how to use sequencers and 4-tracks to record his own music. Atom booked the tour for us so we wanted him to also play some of his songs before we played on the tour. So, at each show, he’d perform 3 or 4 songs.

This was the start of Atom & His Package and this show here in this basement, I believe, was Atom’s first, actual performance as Atom & His Package.

Another flyer I found of a show that was held out in the Philadelphia suburbs. While we didn’t play the show that’s me playing guitar in Franklin on the flyer.


Chris O’Neill was kind enough to scan these old fliers from his personal collection. It’s definitely true that fliers, pre-computer design days, had a charm all their own. Cut up, xeroxed messes that showed actual hands-on interaction with the medium. Anyone could (and did) make fliers and each was a piece of art in their own right.

I suppose I could explain each of the shows these fliers were for, but maybe that would rob them of their charm. Too many words are bad sometimes. Enjoy!

By the way, is it “flyers” or “fliers”? I never can remember.