In 1990/1991, there was really only one way to let the world know that your city ruled. That would be the Maximum Rocknroll scene report.

Established as a way to let kids know about the music communities that were thriving in other areas of the country (and around the world), the scene report was like a note from the edge of space telling other astronauts, “fear not, there is life out here!”

More simply, a scene report consisted of a kid from any particular city with enough patience sitting down and typing up a letter that described the recent happenings in their hometown as it related to the local music community. These reports would detail shows that had happened or would happen, local spaces that were putting on shows or local spaces recently shut down by the police, newly formed or now defunct bands. It was one of the only ways for kids to communicate. Sure, the communication was one-sided, but the goings on in one area would be an inspiration for another.

Several cities with thriving scenes (and dedicated writers documenting their scenes) would frequently be included in the monthly section of MRR. Smaller, less active cities (with less active contributors) not so much. Thus, Philadelphia, I believe, only ever had a few scene reports during the run of the segment.

Amazingly, Atom had a copy of the one scene report I wrote up and sent in to MRR featuring a very direct, straight forward account of the goings on here in Philadelphia at the time. While completely biased towards the areas of the music community I was actively participating, what can one expect? I was 16. I just wanted to see Philadelphia represented in MRR and the things we were doing at the time validated and counted.



I figured I should keep the photo train rolling. Again, thanks to Jeff Vaders for this supply. Hopefully, I’ll be able to scan some myself this weekend…

Ah, the mighty Invid playing at Dobbs. Jamie Mahon on bass who many folks still know and see regularly.

Greg from Random Children (however, we might still have been the Tazmanians here)

Fernando playing the drums with Up In Arms after Rob Bell left the band.

Dizrythmia playing at Dobbs.

CUT SHORT! Amazing name.

Chris and Jeb in the early days of Fracture.

Atom and Chris outside the Oreland super market.

Your author and host playing in Matt Lieberman’s basement.

Atom, TJ and Matt Lieberman

Up In Arms