Atom, a hidden Roy and Jesse in Olney, Ill.

Greg, Chris and Atom out front of the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, Il.

Greg, Amy, Jeb, Jesse, Mark and Chris on steps in Detroit, MI. After the show, we met a fella who wandered out of the dark with a pretty serious head wound. Roy would refuse to allow us to call the police to aid him and so we spent a good 30 to 40 minutes driving him around in our van trying to find his home. The head wound did not help him, nor us, find his home. Ultimately, we left him on a corner.

Lil’ boy Roy peeking over the loft in the Franklin van. This was in one of the Carolina’s.

Atom on the street in San Francisco, CA.

Chris, Jeb and Jesse in Santa Barbara, CA.

A cadaverous looking me on the banks of the Mississippi.

Chris, Jeb and Jesse refuel at a gas station.

Jeb and Jesse eating lunch loitering outside a grocery store.

Fracture would end up taking Mark’s Mom’s minivan as their tour vehicle on this first trip across country. Two folks would sit up front, while the rest of the band (3 people in all) would lay down in the back on a folded out futon couch laying in a space no higher than 24 inches, quite literally, on top of the band’s equipment. Very safe and very claustrophobic. Clearly in this photo, someone needed something out of the carry all! That’s Ralph to the left, Greg on the roof and Roy sitting.

Ralph laying in the loft with Roy and Amy stretched out in the Franklin rolling living room that was The Nomad.

Greg somewhere in Wyoming.

Ralph and Canadians in Ottawa Ontario. 5 Arlington House.

Roy driving and me, pondering the road.


Thanks to Roy for digging this gem up! I present to you, Atom Goren’s tour diary of the first Fracture/Franklin US tour with a nice intro from Atom himself, now 36 years old…

Here it is…. sorry for the large censored portions. I am a scaredy cat. While there is a little embarrassment reading some of the stuff from the 19 year old version of me, it’s certainly fun to fill in the cracks in my memory from a wonderful time with awesome people. I know I have pictures that accompany so many of the entries somewhere… like the one with Jeb and the Indianapolis next door neighbors’ kids… Ralph and the limousine driver in Ohio, us at the salt flats in Utah…. just not sure exactly where they are right now.

It’s particularly cool to see the birth of Roy’s love for the dragon tattoo that he ended up getting, documented. If anyone is interested, I can email the uncensored version, though the uncensored version basically is the same, but includes a lot of references to things like going to the bathroom, which a self-respecting (and employed) teacher doesn’t do.