A fun site to visit in your down time is Hardcore Show Flyers. While the person running the site is obviously bent towards, “hardcore” in the more 90’s sense of the word, they have done a pretty amazing job archiving hundreds and hundreds of flyers from all over the damn place.

The flyer above is from a show Franklin played down in DC with Born Against. The Mountain Lodge was a small coffee shop space, so people were packed in and it was incredibly fun. Ralph and Roy ended up on the floor of the venue with Sam McPheeters while B.A. was playing. Needless to say, we were fans. Actually, a photo of that incident (I believe) is documented in the Born Against/UOA split 7″ insert.

The second flyer is for advertised shows at the unwholesome lair that was the 508 House.



Man, I had to jump all over this one.

Today, a nice fella named Ian sent me a message linking me to his YouTube page where he was posting a whole slew of videos. Turns out he was friends with the 508 House folks, played in a band with Deme who lived there and captured some great footage of Franklin playing a complete set in the 508 basement.

This footage is actually the same show that the image on the top of this blog is from and while there are some visual glitches, the sound is pretty solid. Ian has a bunch of other great videos on his page so get on over there!

This show was from the summer of 1995 and, I believe, was the final show of our tour that summer. Fracture and True High Fidelity played and it sounds as if we played our entire Go Kid Go LP which had just come out that summer. Sick find!