I guess bands have always sort of been like gangs. You picked a gang (or the gang picked you) and you never strayed. Sure, there were other gangs you liked to hang with and you played shows with those gangs or did split 7″s or toured together, but your gang was your family.

I’ve never really understood the person who plays in multiple bands. I always sort of felt that if you were in a band, you give everything to that particular band. If you didn’t, you were cheating on the gang and the gang had every right to knock you upside your head. I guess the issue to me was which is more important, the individual or the whole. I always preferred the whole.

Of course, that’s not saying I never strayed.

Fracture was a gang we liked to hang with. In fact, we pretty much did everything together. I’m sure I’ll get to more about Fracture in the future because, they really were great and together, we went through some amazing experiences.

After Fracture broke up in 1995, playing their last show at the First Unitarian Church before Chris, their singer moved to Bellingham Washington, the guys sort of took a rest. Atom Goren, one of their guitar players became Franklin’s unofficial manager/mascot and the rest of the guys got into trying their hands with new gangs.

Jesse, the drummer from Fracture had been playing with his sister Carly on bass and their friend Justin on guitar. They had a sweet little gang starting. They needed a singer. Jesse and I had become very close from the Franklin/Fracture days and I think at the time I was going to Carly’s house every Tuesday night to watch 90201 and Melrose Place. So, it seemed logical to give it a whirl.

We named the band Astir-Few, the combination of two flowers and practiced weekly at Carly and Jesse’s parents house out in West Chester. We recorded this demo with Mark Scott, the other guitar player of Fracture who had set up an 8 track, home recording studio as his Mom’s house.

Astir-Few lasted only about a year as I recall. We played a handful of shows and even did a short tour of the North East. We never officially released anything, and the only other recording of the band was a recording we made with John Chriest of Lungfish down in Baltimore. John was a great guy but had no idea how to record a band like ours. The recording he did was horrible and I think I recorded over it years ago to hide it from the world.

This demo recording seems to be a much more accurate example of the gang. That’s Jesse at the end of Interchange. One of my favorite raps ever.


If I Never