In 1991, Random Children seemed to be doing pretty well. Of course, doing anything at all was success in and of itself. We were probably playing one show per month and it seemed, that people liked the fact that there were some new bands playing around Philadelphia. Looking back, I have to assume that they were happy to see anyone doing anything since it couldn’t have been our music they were into because frankly, we weren’t that good. However, there are moments during the brief history of that band that make me think, “Hmmm, maybe we weren’t that bad”.

I remember Ralph calling me at home one evening late in January 1991. I was hanging out in my room listening to records and Ralph seemed particularly excited. He explained to me that Random Children had been asked to play a WKDU show at Drexel University with Fugazi.

Now, there are very few moments in my life that I can look back and say, without hesitation, that I almost peed my pants in excitement but this was one of those moments. Being 16 years old and having the opportunity to play a show with (what was then) our most favorite of favorite bands was like…jesus, I don’t know how one could even describe it.

Needless to say, we were excited. The show happened at the Creese Student Center and all I seem to remember is stepping out onto stage and being completely amazed by the number of people who were about to watch our mediocre band. It looked like a sea of heads sans bodies and was definitely more people than I had ever seen at a show. Of course, looking back now, it was probably about 1000 people, less than a sold out show at the Church or Starlight Ballroom, but still…it looked incredible.

I don’t remember much of playing the show because I think I was to in awe of the experience. Here we were…playing our very own songs…punk songs that we wrote about our limited experiences growing up thus far…in front of a sea of people…opening up for Fugazi…a band that we considered to represent everything we believed music could and should be.

Here are some photos from the show. Sadly, I don’t recall who took them.

I also had to throw in this, “official” flier for the show. Look at what was possible with 1991 computer technology!

Here’s a YouTube clip of Fugazi from that show. Sadly, I couldn’t locate any Random Children footage although, I know it does occasionally still play late at night on Drexel’s television station which is kind of funny.

During the set, I stood just over Ian’s amp filming the show with my parents VHS recorder…that’s my arm leaning against the wall at random times. That camera was damn heavy. Now ask me where that video I shot is located…