After we had recorded the 4 and 3 is 7″, we quickly realized it wasn’t all that great on the sonic front of things. I still remember getting the test press back and thinking, “Jesus the vocals are loud”. It’s funny to remember how clueless we were back then about anything having to do with recording or pressing a record. I’m convinced I thought that the plant that would cut the record would, “fix” the vocals and send us back a perfect sounding 7″ record. Duh.

Nonetheless, I don’t remember a single person saying to any of us, “My god man, this 7″ is horrid! The mix is unlistenable and the songs themselves are juvenile at best!” Thus, we carried on!

We continued to play shows around Philly and we might have even played a show or two outside of Philadelphia. When it did come time to record another 7″, we finally figured out that we should probably do it in a “real” studio. The real studio we discovered was run by a fella named, Jim Femino.

I had met Jim a few months prior to recording with him because, at the time I was finishing up becoming an Eagle Scout of all things, and part of that process was to intern at a place of business that interested you. Recording music seemed like a logical choice. So once the internship was over, and because none of us really knew any other recording studios or how one might even find one, we went to Jim’s.

Jim’s claim to fame (other than running a studio out of his basement in Royersford, Pennsylvania) was that he was a founding member of the band, Boston. While, I don’t think Jim ever made it onto any of the records, he swears by this fact and we didn’t really care one way or the other.

We recorded these four songs over a couple of days and at the end of it, spent what was to us, an obscene amount of money. I believe it was close to $1000. While still not a great recording, it at least sounded more like a band that recorded in a place that had a lot of things that light up and flash, and that was better than nothing. Jim still seems to be doing stuff with music.


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